Welcome to our new department!

As part of a reorganization effort now under way in Town Hall, we are restructuring some departments and divisions to better serve the community, particularly as it relates to various steps in the development process. 

To that end, a new Engineering and Development Services Department was created to streamline project reviews, approvals, inspections, and monitoring services related to both private and public development and infrastructure. Within the new department, three work units now exist, including the Building Inspection, Engineering and Environmental, and Capital Projects and Transportation divisions.

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The Building Inspection Division reviews construction plans for all residential and commercial development, including additions and renovations. Field inspectors ensure compliance with Town building codes and zoning ordinances throughout the construction process.


The Engineering & Environmental Division is responsible for Flood Control and Water Quality Protection associated with the municipal stormwater system. This is achieved through asset management and capital improvements, maintenance and inspection programs and system repairs.


The Capital Projects and Transportation Division maintains and improves mobility, increases the efficiency of the transportation network, offers new transportation alternatives and performs pavement management services on neighborhood streets.  Our Capital Projects program includes development and construction of transportation improvement projects on the Town’s roadway network.