Carolina Park Recreation Complex Phase II


Carolina Park Recreation Complex consists of two adjacent parcels of land consisting of 48 and 29 acres, respectively. Phase I was completed on half of the 48 acres with the construction of four (4) lighted 120' x 70' rectangular shape multipurpose fields, 200 parking spaces, entrance road, and storage building. Phase 2, which is currently in progress, is providing water and sewer service to the park along with a centralized restroom, concession stand, meeting room building, and an open lawn area. Phase 3 would consist of up to 4 fields (rectangular/diamond), 2 outdoor multipurpose courts, and additional parking/amenities as deemed necessary via needs assessment. The 29-acre parcel of land is designated as a passive park which would consist of a running/walking trail.




Construction expected to begin in late 2019.


Total: $7,844,155

  • Fiscal year 2018: $501,675
  • Fiscal year 2019: $3,500,000
  • Future years (unfunded): $3,842,480


Carolina Park Master Plan


Jimmy Millar, Project Manager

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