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To build a state-of-the-art public services operations center that will provide adequate space for personnel, equipment, and material in order for the Town to provide high-quality services to the Town’s residents now and in the future.


  • Construction Start: October 2022
  • Finish: Late 2024


Master Plan Cost: $250,000

Construction: Approximately $35 million

Week 4 - Update (12)

Status (As of March 20, 2023)

Activity This Week:

- Sitework:

South Site

-    Foundations - Excavation/ Rebar/ Concrete at fleet maintenance core section.

-    Sewer tie-in, manholes, and building service.

-    Water main installation continuing at Transfer Yard.

-     Force Main install at Transfer Yard.

-     Transfer yard trash removal.

-    Transfer Building pad complete.

North Site

-    Power line removal.

-    Pile driving continues.

Activity Planned for Next Week:

- Sitework: 

South Site

-    Foundations - Excavation/Rebar/Concrete at Transfer Yard to start.

-    Concrete Piers finished at Fleet Maintenance. 

-    Under-slab plumbing start.

-    Force main and water at Transfer Yard wrapping up.

-     Base stone at transfer yard parking lot

North Site

-    Pile Driving completion (Tuesday /Wednesday).

-    Retain deliveries.


What is the project?

The operations center will enable the Public Services Department to maintain and improve critical citizen services necessary to serve a growing community. The plan includes building on the current Six Mile facility located on Sweetgrass Basket Parkway. The modern facilities will include a larger fleet maintenance building, a yard debris transfer yard that complies with current and future environmental standards, and office space for Town employees.

Why is it needed?

With a projected population increase of nearly 30,000 residents and 6,000 new single-family residences expected over the next 20 years, updating the Public Services facility is not just a necessity, it is a critical project to maintain our current level of service to our citizens. The new operations center will replace the current 30+-year-old facility increasing efficiency and the ability to respond to our growing community. 

Public Services play a critical role in the Town’s preparation for emergencies and storms as well as the sometimes-extensive recovery periods that follow by addressing issues with infrastructure, stormwater, flooding, and debris removal to ensure the public’s safety on our streets and in our community.

Finally, future environmental regulations will require new standards and processes to be in place, which our current facilities will be unable to meet. We must bring our operations center into compliance.  Doing so will not only be legally required, but beneficial for our environmental health and public service capabilities.

How much will it cost?

The project is estimated to cost approximately $35 million and will enable us to better serve our community going forward.


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