The Public Services Department, Waste Management Division is in the process of transitioning to fully automated garbage trucks. These trucks will save taxpayer dollars and increase the efficiency of garbage collection within the Town while continuing to provide the same great quality of service that residents deserve.

We plan on collecting old containers and delivering new containers on your normal garbage collection day. Our intent is for your existing can to be dumped and then replaced by a new container. *We will not be replacing rollcarts already compatible with the automated trucks.* We expect this process to take approximately four weeks along the routes chosen for transition. During these four weeks, we ask that residents in the transitioning neighborhoods set out their garbage containers to be collected on their NORMAL collection day. Please set it out by 7am and leave the containers out for 24 hours. We will replace as many containers as possible each day. If your container is not replaced on your normal collection day during the first week of replacement, we will attempt to replace it during the second week. We will provide updates on the status of can replacement here and via social media to keep you informed. 

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How will the Fully Automated Trucks Improve Mount Pleasant?

The Waste Management Division of the Public Services Department experiences more work-related injuries than both the Police Department and the Fire Department. We expect the Fully Automated Trucks to help create a safer working environment by keeping our workers out of the elements and preventing them from having to move and lift so many garbage containers. 

We also anticipate experiencing more efficiency and growth within the department due to the Fully Automated Trucks. The two Fully Automated, One-man Trucks will be replacing two two/three-man trucks. Up to four workers will be free to move to other projects within the Department. This helps us be more productive in a smaller time frame without spending any more tax dollars.


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