New Hire

What to Bring to Orientation

  • Beneficiary Information:

    Names, birthdates and Social Security numbers for at least two beneficiaries.
  • If adding a spouse to medical/dental or vision insurance:

    Marriage certificate and Social Security number.
  • If adding child(ren) to health insurance:

    Long-form birth certificates and Social Security numbers for each child. Need a long-form birth certificate? Call DHEC at (843) 746-3800.
  • A voided check or account information

    to enroll in direct deposit.
  • Excitement

    for a new position with the Town of Mount Pleasant!

Summary of Benefits for New Hires

  • Click HERE to view the Summary of Benefits for New Hires!

Get These Benefits & More with Paladina!

  • Partner

    with an experienced primary care physician who delivers a broad scope of care,
    including primary and preventive care, chronic disease management, urgent care, and coordination with specialists and hospitals.
  • Access

    your physician via cell phone for urgent needs, email through the health portal or visit your physician at a convenient location near work or home.
  • Save money

    . Most services are free, with no co-pays or co-insurance.
  • Click HERE for more information!