The Town of Mount Pleasant Comprehensive Plan 


Mount Pleasant Comprehensive Plan 2019-2029 Adopted

Our new Comprehensive Plan was adopted by Town Council on Tuesday October 13, 2020.  We want to extend our deepest gratitude to the thousands of our citizens who took the time to provide input or comments on the content of the Plan over the course of its development.  Thank you for caring about the future of our Town!

Comp Plan "Step-A-Day" Topics

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How you can participate - Comp Plan "Step-A-Day"

Haven’t read the Plan? Don’t feel like tackling it all at once?  In order to make it more accessible to more people, we’re breaking the major points of the Comprehensive Plan down into a "One-a-Day" format -- One snippet a day highlighting the major components of the Plan. 

(Please note. This is for educational purposes only. This breakout of different sections of the Plan was based upon a late draft, not the final document. Minor changes may exist between what is represented here and the actual final document. Please do not rely on the information in this section for decision-making purposes.)  

Comp Plan "Step-A-Day" Daily Reading Plan

  1. Vision
  2. Goals
  3. Community Issues - Urban Corridor
  4. Community Issues - Housing Diversity & Affordability
  5. Community Issues - Settlement Communities
  6. Community Issues - Cultural Core
  7. Community Issues - Mount Pleasant Way
  8. Community Issues - Financial Health/Resilience
  9. Community Issues - Open Space
  10. Community Facilities/Water & Sewer Utilities
  11. Hazards/Water Management
  12. Land Use & Districts
  13. Johnnie Dodds District
  14. Coleman District
  15. Towne Centre District
  16. Long Point District
  17. Route 17 North District
  18. SC Highway 41 District
  19. Carolina Park/Ten Mile District
  20. Rural District
  21. Mobility Policy
  22. Mobility Elements
  23. Mobility Recommendations
  24. Implementation Priority
  25. Action Plans

(Updated October 27, 2020)