Public Notice of New Projects

The Town invites public comments on any new projects under Water Quality review. Comments pertaining to the Water Quality review process should refer to water quantity and water quality components of the plan only.

All projects are available for public inspection at the:

Town of Mount Pleasant
Planning and Development Department
100 Ann Edwards Lane
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

In order to be considered, comments must be received by the date listed in the column under "CLOSE DATE". Comments must be submitted in writing via mail or email. Please reference the project name and number in any comment(s) submitted to the Town.

To mail comments, please submit to:
Town of Mount Pleasant
Planning and Development Department
Attn: Town Engineer
100 Ann Edwards Lane
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

To email comments, please submit to:

In accordance with the Town of Mount Pleasant's Ordinance Chapter 153 "Stormwater Management and Water Quality Regulations, Section 153.046 Public Comment", the following project application(s) has/have been received for determination of consistency and compliance with the stormwater water quantity and water quality requirements listed in Chapter 153 and/ or the most recent SCDHEC Construction General Permit Requirements.


Project Name
Project Number
Open Date
Close Date
 Springhill Suites at Market at Oakland  600-00-00-055 C20-01-004  01/17/2020 01/27/2020
Sweetgrass Pharmacy  596-15-00-204  C19-10-041  10/22/2019  11/01/2019
 Park Avenue Flex  598-03-00-346 C19-09-040 10/04/2019 10/14/2019
 Publix Super Market Retail Endcap  535-00-00-020 C19-10-039 10/04/2019 10/14/2019
 Mount Pleasant Towne Centre - First Watch Restaurant  558-00-00-096  C19-09-038  09/20/2019  09/30/2019
 Carolina Park Riverside Soil Exchange  540-00-00-022  SF19-09-037 09/20/2019 09/30/2019
 Legacy Patriots Point  517-00-00-246  MF19-08-036  08/27/2019  09/06/2019
 Oak Court  600-00-00-065  C19-08-035  08/13/2019  08/23/2019
 Lucy Garrett Beckham HS Softball Fields  559-00-00-064  M19-07-034  08/08/2019  08/18/2019
Atlantic Beach House  532-00-00-002 MF19-05-014  07/17/2019  07/27/2019
 Carolina Park Phase I  540-00-00-022 SF19-07-032 07/15/2019 07/25/2019
 Midtown Community Park  559-00-00-537  MF19-07-031  07/15/2019  07/25/2019
 Professional Dental Office (The Market at Mill Creek)  594-05-00-228  C19-06-030 6/27/2019 7/07/2019
 Hwy 41 Area Pump Station 109 and Force Main Improv 594-10-00-329  U19-06-029 6/12/2019 6/22/2019
 John Harris Body Shop - 435 Faison Road  598-03-00-936  C19-06-028 6/05/2019 6/15/2019
 US Hwy 17/Park West Blvd Force Main Improvements 598-00-00-037 U19-06-027  6/03/2019 6/13/2019
 Ben Sawyer ICW Crossing 529-05-00-036  U19-05-013 5/23/2019  6/02/2019
 Mathis Ferry & Whipple Rd Intersection Improvements  559-00-00-072  U19-05-012  5/21/2019 5/31/2019
 Kenny Mile 600-00-00-471  U19-05-011 5/20/2019 5/30/2019
 Starling Chevrolet  559-00-00-021  C19-05-009  5/10/2019 5/20/2019