Functions & Responsibilities

The Transportation Department is composed of a director, a project engineer (capital projects), a field engineer (roadways), two staff engineers (projects / programs and signals) and an office manager.

Staff responsibilities include:
  • Transportation project development and construction management
  • Subdivision and capital project roadway inspections
  • Encroachment permitting for Town roadways
  • Small pave contract management
  • Small project engineering design support
  • Damage assessment management
  • Transportation enhancement project management

The Transportation Department also represents Town interests on regional boards, commissions (CTC, CARTA, CHATS, TAB, etc), and studies. Additionally, the department handles its Traffic Calming Program, field reviews of citizen requests for traffic control, performs, and manages traffic studies (signal, intersection, speed, safety, etc., both in-house and consultant). The department coordinates with on-call engineering design firms for its Capital Project Development / Management and the coordination of multi-jurisdictional roadway construction coordination (County, CTC, SCDOT, etc).

Additional Functions

The following functions are part of the Transportation Department:
  • Signal system management
  • Impact assessment review
  • Long Range Transportation Plan Update
  • Traffic impact fee updates
  • Traffic impact fee credit approval
  • Pursuit of federal funding (earmark, grants, and stimulus)
As part of its development plan review, the department also reviews:
  • Traffic impact studies within impact assessments (coordinated with Planning Dept.)
  • Necessary development mitigation
  • Review of development-related roadway design plans (coordinated with Town Engineer)
As part of its Traffic Signal Maintenance, the department is responsible for:
  • Maintaining all signals through an agreement with SCDOT
  • Performing studies for changes to timing, phasing, etc, to maintain efficiency
  • Implementing mast arm standards and adaptive traffic control
  • Developing a closed loop system in conjunction with the SCANA fiber network to communicate remotely with signals from Town Hall

View the 2017 Town of Mount Pleasant Annual Report: