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Old Village Drainage Study

In 2016, the Town of Mount Pleasant funded and began a high level of service needs study of the drainage infrastructure in the Old Village/ Old Mount Pleasant area of town. After several large rain events in 2015 and 2016, the department received an increase in reports of flooding.  The Town contracted with Thomas and Hutton Engineering to assess the current level of service provided by the area drainage systems, identify changes in development patterns, and evaluate reports of flooding the study identified critical needs for this older area of Town.  With the completion of the study Town Council has funded the design for drainage improvements in two drainage basins within the project's study area; Edwards Park and Royall Avenue.  This design work is currently in progress.
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Solid Waste Reports

2010 Mount Pleasant Annual Solid Waste Report
2010 South Carolina Annual Solid Waste Report

Asset Management Program Development

The Town of Mount Pleasant is operating an Asset Management Program to maintain, rehabilitate, and replace the existing and future aging infrastructure for town roads and drainage systems.  This program was initiated after an Asset Management study in 2012.  The Program is funded though the Town's CMP or Comprehensive Maintenance Program.
July 2012 Asset Management Presentation
November 2012 State of the Infrastructure Report

Stormwater Management Plan - Water Quality Protection

In 2007, the Town of Mount Pleasant, in compliance with State and Federal Water Quality requirements, developed a "stormwater management plan" (SWMP) for implementing a water quality protection program. The Town operates this program under a state NPDES discharge permit.

Under the permit, the Town is required to implement "Minimum Control Measures" or MCM that will help to protect or improve local water quality. South Carolina requires that the Town implement six (6) MCMs. The plan is updated as needed to reflect operation, administrative, or other programmatic changes are implemented. The initial plan covered 2007-2013. The Town recently completed an program review and compiled a 5-year plan for 2014-2018, to meet new permit requirements.

Please contact the Stormwater office for any additional information.
Mount Pleasant SWMP 2014-2018
Appendix A: Urbanized Area Map
Water Quality Education is provided though the Ashley Cooper Stormwater Education Consortium along with other Town efforts.
Ashley Cooper Website
Ashley Cooper Stormwater Education Consortium Strategic Plan 
Town Water Quality Program

Shem Creek Watershed Study

In 2017, the Stormwater Division conducted a high level study of the Shem Creek Watershed to review existing data and to collect new data about pollution of the creek due to bacteria.  The study resulted in a presentation on the findings, a presentation on 9-Element Plans, a recommendation to Staff and Town Council to consider funding and completing the development of a 9-Element Watershed Plan, and three information sheets to detail the study information.  A formal report was replaced with an online tool that is currently in development.

Study Presentation
9-Element Overview
Shem Creek Study Fact Sheet - Volume I
Shem Creek Study Fact Sheet - Volume II
Shem Creek Study Fact Sheet - Volume III