Garbage Collections


Household garbage collection is conducted weekly.

Please have town issued containers curbside by 7:00 am.
  • The time of day that your garbage is picked-up is not a set time.
  • Depending on the driver's schedule, the collection time may vary.
  • We do not collect containers from alleyways.
  • Containers must be removed within 12 hours of collection.
View our Subdivision Collection Schedule.

Garbage Containers

The Town issues one 90-gallon or one 65-gallon container at "no cost". The container must stay at your property. Do not take the container with you when you move. A second container may be purchased through the Public Services Department for an additional cost. Only two containers per property are allowed. Customers needing more than two containers should contract for dumpster services. We can repair most damaged items on the containers please contact our sanitation office at (843) 849-2022 for service requests. Visit our FAQ section for more general information!

Collectible Items

  • Household garbage;
  • Cardboard boxes - please break down boxes – these can also be recycled;
  • Dried paint cans (no wet paint can be accepted);
  • Residential medical waste - objects such as needles, syringes, and other sharp medical objects must be disposed of properly (use a sharps container, heavy plastic bottle or metal can with a tight fitting lid) to prevent injury to persons handling garbage;
  • Additional bags of garbage should be placed on top of your container.

Uncollectible Items

  • Please do not place landscape or construction materials in your container; we will not be able to collect your garbage
  • Garbage from a non-town of Mount Pleasant issued container

Proper Disposal of Prescription Drugs

The State Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) has issued new guidelines regarding the proper disposal of prescription drugs. In an effort to prevent water pollution, prescriptions should not be flushed down the toilet. When the drugs get to the sewer treatment plant they cannot (yet) be filtered out. After the plant cleans the waste, the water is discharged out into the ocean - the prescription drugs are flushed out as well. Scientists are finding high levels of drugs in the water and in marine animals.



Light Bulb (CFL) Disposal

These bulbs may not be disposed of in your garbage or trash containers due to mercury contamination issues. At several big box home improvement stores, customers can simply bring in any expired, unbroken CFL and give it to the store associate at returns desk. The bulbs will then be managed responsibly by an environmental management company that will coordinate CFL packaging, transportation and recycling to maximize safety and ensure environmental compliance.

Residential Medical Waste Disposal

Town ordinance allows for the disposal of home generated (not commercial) medical waste under the following restrictions and requirements;
  • Home-generated medical waste must be disposed of in manner that helps minimize health risks to sanitation and landfill workers.
  • Sharp medical objects, such as needles, syringes and the like, must be placed in a medical/health care container (sometimes referred to as a "sharps container"), or another container pursuant to all of the requirements herein, before being placed in a 65 or 90 gallon garbage container for town pick-up.
  • Other containers made out of heavy plastic or metal may be used for sharp medical objects, if all of the following precautions are observed:
    • Ensure that the container is as puncture-proof as possible;
    • Ensure that the container has a tight-fitting lid;
    • Write the words "Not Recyclable" on the container;
    • Do not fill the container with objects over three-fourths full;
    • Do not use glass containers.