Planning, Land Use, and Neighborhoods

​The Planning, Land Use, and Neighborhoods Department provides information on specific parcels of land. For more information on the duties and responsibilities of the department, click on the links to the left.  

News Flash: A Change in Plans!

As part of a reorganization effort now under way in Town Hall, some departments and divisions are being restructured to better serve the community, particularly as it relates to various steps in the development process.  This will occur in several stages over the next few months, officially beginning on November 23, 2020.

A new Engineering and Development Services Department is being created to streamline project reviews, approvals, inspections, and monitoring services related to both private and public development and infrastructure.  Within the new department, three work units will exist, including the Building Inspections, Engineering and Environmental, and Capital Projects and Transportation divisions.

So how does that affect the existing Planning & Development Department?  Well, you will see changes in a few important ways.

Engineering activities previously located in the Planning Department, like review of subdivision plans, will shift to the new EDS Department.  As noted above, the entire Building Inspections Division will also move into EDS as well.  

The Planning & Development Department is being revamped as the new Planning, Land Use and Neighborhoods Department.   (Yes, we will be known as PLAN!)   A new “neighborhoods” division will be formed to manage a wide variety of activities and programs related to the livability of our neighborhoods in Mount Pleasant.  Many of our responsibilities will not change, so if you have questions about the Comprehensive Plan, zoning, rezoning, short-term rentals, tree removal, design review, and enforcement, we are still here to help you.  

Like all restructuring initiatives, we have a lot to do to make this transformation a reality.  Not the least of which is updating our website.  Please be patient as we sort this out.  If you need help, just email or call us at 843-884-1229 and we will assist or guide you to the right place.

Please visit this site soon to get more breaking news & updates about this exciting change as we put this plan into action!

Development Codes Technical Evaluation

In an effort to better meet the land use needs of the Town’s residents and businesses, and in anticipation of changes related to recent work on the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, the Town anticipates updating Title XV of the Town Code over the course of the next year or two, with the primary focus of the update being on the Land Development and Zoning chapters.

As a precursor to a comprehensive code update, White & Smith, LLC, a local planning and law firm, has completed an assessment – or a “diagnostic” – of the Town’s current zoning and land development regulations. The results of that effort are compiled in the draft “Development Codes Technical Evaluation,” dated July 10, 2020.

How are we doing?   survey image

The Mount Pleasant Planning Department works with local citizens and businesses every day. Town staff works hard to answer each request accurately, professionally, and efficiently.  Sometimes, however, it is hard to gauge just “how are we doing?”


If you have contacted the Planning Department at any time in the last six (6) months (give or take), we would appreciate your taking a VERY short survey to help us answer that question. This survey is intended for anyone who has had business with either of the department’s divisions (Planning & Engineering or Building Inspections). We appreciate your feedback, as we hope to continually improve our customer service.  This survey will be open for the foreseeable future, so whenever you contact us in the future, we hope you will return to share your thoughts on these visits, as well.


A link to the survey is located at the top left of this page (department listing) or you can access it directly at Planning, Land Use, and Neighborhoods (PLAN) Department survey