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TAKE ROOT MOUNT PLEASANT LOGOTake Root Mount Pleasant is a community tree planting initiative designed to encourage residents to take an active role in beautifying our Town and addressing the challenges of growth.  

This spring, the Town encouraged residents to plant new trees with sapling giveaways, community events, and more. This fall, our main event will be a seedling give away at the Children's Day Festival - October 16, 2022 at the Park West Recreation Complex

Team up with your neighbors to Take Root Mount Pleasant!  

The benefits of more trees in our community stretch far beyond the aesthetic. Trees provide habitat and raise property values. They help to manage stormwater runoff. Their shade cools summer heat and lowers utility costs. They improve air quality, which contributes to everyone’s health. Their growth works to reduce the effects of climate change. 

Consider the impact if we all took up the challenge to plant another tree. 

Let’s all Take Root Mount Pleasant. Use the hashtag #TakeRootMP on Instagram and Facebook when you share photos of your newly planted tree!

  1. Liz Boyles

    Neighborhood Livability Division Chief

  2. Planning, Land Use, & Neighborhoods

    Physical Address
    100 Ann Edwards Lane
    Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

    Phone: (843) 884-1229

  3. Tree Inquiries

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It's Easy! 

Get a Tree. Plant a Tree. Maintain your Tree. Enjoy the Benefits!


Join us at the Children's Day Festival on  October 16, 2022 at the Park West Recreation Complex for our Fall Give Away!  This Season, we will be giving away the following Species: Paw Paw, American Beech, Flowering Dogwood, Witch Hazel, Southern Red Oak, American Hornbeam, Red Buckeye, Persimmon, American Holly, and Winged Elm.

Thank you for your support of Take Root Mount Pleasant!

Info Sheets for this year's tree species available HERE

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  • Improved air quality
  • Cooler summers from shade
  • Erosion control
  • Flood mitigation
  • Increased property values
  • Protecting Biodiversity

Tree Bank Grant application now online

The Tree Bank Grant Program was established for residents, civic clubs, and other groups who have a desire to beautify and enhance the Town through the planting of trees.  This program is intended to provide financial assistance to proposed tree planting projects where trees are to be planted within publicly accessible areas such as street rights-of-way, public parks, school yards, residential common areas and churches.  

You can now apply for a Tree Bank grant online through our website.  A list of preferred trees species to plant can be found in section 156.201 of the Town's Code of Ordinances.

Take Root Mount Pleasant Tree Tally (Number of trees given away)

Spring 2021 - 913

Fall 2021 - 650

Spring 2022 (as of 4/25) - 1,338

Running Total -- 2,901 trees distributed

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For Best Growing Results

Find out what your soil might need to help your trees grow. Contact Clemson Extension for Soil Analysis testing at: Soil Sample Mailer

Be sure to use the hashtag #TakeRootMP on Instagram and Facebook when you share photos of your newly planted tree so we can add it to the gallery!

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